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A lot of people in the United States are struggling with obesity. It’s estimated that about 35% of Americans have obesity, which is a serious health problem that may result in heart diseases such as hypertension. Due to this, many people are looking for ways that can prevent or reduce obesity.

One way to combat obesity is by engaging in physical activities such as sports. Some people tend to avoid sports because they think that they have no talent or abilities to participate in sports games. But this is not an issue today thanks to intramural sports that are organized by various colleges. Intramural sports provide a great opportunity for those are not interested in sports or don’t have time and abilities to participate in competitive college sports games.

Intramurals in Texas A&M University

If you are looking for the best intramural sports around Texas, then Texas A&M University (TAMU) is one institution that you may consider. They have various recreational activities for those seeking to have fun or just to make new friends while keeping their body fit and healthy. They have various games for both men and women including soccer, volleyball, and basketball among other recreational games.

Benefits of participating in Intramural Sports in TAMU

1. Intramurals in Imleagues TAMU are an Amazing Stress Reliever

Many people undergo stress while in college due to things like assignments and exams. You may find yourself always in front of your laptop either reading for exams or typing an assignment which is due the following day. This can be stressful and may deny you time to participate in competitive games in the college. TAMU has many intramurals with a set schedule, and it’s difficult to miss one when you are free. Also, the games are fun and will go a long way in keeping you away from stress.

2. They Provide Great Exercise

Many students in college would like to hit the gym regularly, but due to time constraints, only a few actually do. With your set schedule, ImLeagues TAMU intramurals give you an opportunity to work out with your friends. You will find it even interesting as you’re able to socialize while playing the games.

3. Intramural TAMU is a great to meet new people

Staying or meeting the same people in your class or residence halls is kind of boring. We all want to meet new faces and if possible make some friends. Only Intramurals TAMU can grant you this opportunity. You don’t need to know anyone to join a TAMU intramural team

4. Leadership Opportunities

We all know that in every team, there are leaders such as the captain. So, if you are looking to build your CV or test out your leadership qualities, then Intramural imleagues TAMU is a great place to start.

5. Intramurals are Just for Fun

You will agree with me that most of the things we do in college have specific goals or purposes. For instance, we do assignments to get good grades, work to pay school fees, or take a class to meet a school requirement. But intramurals sports don’t necessarily need a specific purpose or goal. You can participate in them just for fun. You will play football or volleyball just to keep you happy, make friends and stay active.


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