Have Writing Become Obsolete?

We cannot neglect how books are losing their power, at least printed ones. More and more people use the Internet to find whatever they need, even the books. Yes, e-books are threatening to replace book entirely. Does this mean that writing is neglected? The answer is opposite. Writing has never been so popular. Maybe we do not have books, but we have a lot of newborn ways of writing. We have websites, blogs, articles, and a lot of other online content. The thing is that they have to be unique and it has never been so difficult to be a copycat. Thanks to different kind of plagiarism software we can easily track them and make it unavailable on the Internet.

How can writing make you popular?

How can writing make you popular?Depending on a subject you can attract a lot of people from all over the world. We have a lot of examples of people who became popular due to their blogs. We can say that this is the way of some online personal diary. You are the witness of a modern time, and you can use it to become famous. Like Ana Frank you can write down your thoughts, only nowadays your content is instantly visible. It can also be very tricky due to the same reason. Therefore, if you write something stupid or something that won’t seem appropriate, it would be difficult to erase it.

How to make your content even more visible and public?

content-1Your worst enemy and your boss at the same time here is your Google search engine. Do you want to end up in top ten in Google search list? Then you need to know the code or simple the algorithm that Google uses. Only browsers can make you popular; they are deciding where your content is going to end up. Here you need to use different tools to improve your content. Besides plagiarism checker, you need to use density tool to see what words have been mentioned too many times. You can use grammar checker of course to correct your typo and grammar mistakes that we often make while we are writing.


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