Whether you want to trade, run business, sightseeing, shop or simply just chat with someone you can visit the Internet. This magical world allows us to be fast as our mind can be. This is the first time in our history we can speak with somebody on the other part of the world and having the impression that person is sitting next to you. First time in history we can run a business from our office, have clients from all over the world. Everything is possible, and your connections can grow without boundaries. The Internet does not recognize boundaries and makes everything possible.

How does the internet work?

Have you ever wondered how the internet works? The first things you need to pay attention to are links and hyperlinks. How links function at all. We can say that this system is based on our subconscious. According to Freud, our mind is under the influence of our subconscious, and we can easily turn our thoughts in completely other directions if something reminds us of something else. This is the main reason why we are dreaming.  Dreams are often related to events during the day and thoughts as the product of those events.

Every our thought can be linked to another similar one that can lead us in completely different direction. The famous French author, Proust, used this principle to describe how one cookie brought him back to his childhood. Links on the internet are based on the same principle, and practically any link on the Internet can bring us to the completely different realm.

Why do we call it to market?

Even if we talk about the virtual world, we can trade there. Nowadays, the best trade is on the Internet. Therefore, a lot of famous businessmen use it. Look for example American president, he twits every day about everything, and he has won the election thanks to his twitter champagne. He managed to gather his partisans by only using the social media. We notice that his campaign wasn’t organized and official as the campaign of Hilary. However, he won the election, all thanks to the Internet.


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