Can We Say Internet’s International Thing

Modern times brought us internet, and we can say that today we are entirely cosmopolitan. Does Internet make us International people? A lot of people are discussing and writing about this subject. Are we going to become all the same? Will the Internet be our tradition? Are we going to become cosmopolitans or we are going to lose our tradition? These are the questions that are bothering human kind. This is a phenomenon that can be amazing and frightening at the same time.


Being connected to the entire world is pros. It allows us to communicate with people from all over the world, to see how they are living, to learn about their tradition, to link with them specially. Internet will make you closer with the person that is not even from your country, and you can stay in touch with your bellowing ones that have moved in the other part of the world. You can develop your business and earn some international customers. If you have any talent, you can show its entire world. On our site, you can post your content and make it visible to the entire world. You do not have to wait for a publisher to express your opinion and writing talent. You can simply post it online, and everyone will see it.


However, the Internet is fast and hard to control phenomena, and it has a lot of disadvantages and flaws that can harm you. First of all, we are losing our tradition and us becoming the same. Internet affects are a way of thinking and similarly shape our minds. Nowadays, we see people dressed the same in Japan and USA because we all are following trends on Instagram. It seems like the Internet will become our tradition. You are not safe anymore. If you post some content on the Internet, you can be proud of it and become popular, because everyone will see your talent. On the other way you post it in public, and now it belongs to everyone. Someone else could steal it and declare as its copywriter.


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